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The mission of the Alliance for Animals is to heighten public awareness of animal rights issues and animal suffering, and to promote the humane treatment of animals in all spheres. A principal goal of the Alliance for Animals is to foster the human - animal bond and raise the status of animals in our community by developing programs to reduce the number of unwanted and stray cats and dogs, and decrease euthanasia rates of otherwise healthy, adoptable animals. The Alliance for Animals is dedicated to promoting quality of life for both animals and humans through public education and provision of direct services to those most in need, including affordable spay/neuter services, shelter and adoption and information referral. The Alliance for Animals functions as an integral part of the community, to foster a humane ethic for all living beings, and to embody active community service.

Low-Cost Veterinary Services

At our Metro Action Clinic in South Boston, MA, Alliance for Animals provides low-cost spay/neuter and a broad range of other veterinary services for both cats and dogs.

Community Outreach and Education

AfA works closely with specific inner-city neighborhoods and communities where the need is great, and the resources limited. We make regular visits to assist residents with animals-related problems and provide education about animal care.

AfA trains neighborhood liaisons in specific communities to look for abandoned animals and unneutered pets in their own neighborhoods. They provide ongoing education to their neighbors about the responsibilities of pet ownership and the needs of animals. Through their efforts, continuing education is sustained from within the community and provides the residents with resources for self-help.

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