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The Forgotten Pet's Drive

The Alliance for Animals operates Boston's only no-kill shelter for cats and dogs. Our shelter and low-cost veterinary clinic are located at 232 Silver Street in South Boston. Some of the animals awaiting loving homes are pictured here. To see all of our animals call 617-268-7800 or email to to arrange a visit. We are also open every Saturday and Sunday from 10-4 to visit the animals - no appointments needed.

Our sheltering mission is to assist those animals that would otherwise have no chance - the animals other shelters turn away. While we do accept puppies and kittens, we prefer to focus on the adult animals that so need and deserve a safe haven and a forever home. Mother animals, 'tattered toms', abandoned pets, seniors and special needs cats and dogs - the most needy and the most rewarding animals to have as companions - these are our special focus. And nobody ever loved anyone the way an abandoned animal loves his new family.

We also operate a rescue and adoption program for temperament-tested, ambassador 'pitbull' dogs, the most neglected, abused, misunderstood, and overpopulated companion animals in America today. These wonderful, adoptable dogs are routinely killed just for being who they are - victims of ignorance, prejudice, media hype, and human cruelty. Our goal is to educate the public about the true nature of these dogs, and give both people and dogs the chance for a loving relationship.

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232 Silver Street
South Boston, MA 02127-2206
617 - 268- 7800