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The mission of the Metro Action Clinic includes:
  • To reduce, and ultimately eliminate the killing of healthy, otherwise adoptable dogs and cats at area pounds and shelters, simply because they are surplus or cannot be sheltered. This is accomplished by providing affordable, accessible SPAY/NEUTER services to anyone in need of those services, thereby preventing the birth of unwanted animals.

  • To provide veterinary medical services to the inner-city community at an affordable rate, in order to save lives, promote the health of companion animals, and foster the human-animal bond.

  • To advocate for animals, assist animal caretakers, and educate the public about the needs of animals.

Medical Services Provided:
  • Physical Exam

  • Surgical sterilization - cats and dogs, including juvenile animals; cryptorchid

  • Other surgical procedure - e.g., dentistry, hernia repair, biopsy, hematoma, amputation, ear-tipping ferals

  • Vaccinations(first, booster, and annual)

  • Heartworm/Lyme test, FeLV/FIV test

  • Treatment for ear mites, fleas and ticks, other parasites; de-worming; heartworm preventative

  • Abscess or infection

  • Urinary tract infection or "FUS", urinary blockage

  • Diagnostic work-up including urinalysis, CBC profile, thyroid test, biopsy, other surgical or laboratory work-up as needed

  • Dentistry

  • Medical care management - e.g., dermatologic conditions, long-term treatment of thyroid, kidney conditions, blood-level monitoring, etc.

  • Client-request euthanasia when medically indicated - e.g., advanced illness or untreatable injury

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