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A. Kennel Assistant

The Veterinary staff need assistance mornings and evenings to feed and care for animals, assist with client check-in (a.m.) and check-out (p.m.), general cleaning, walking dogs, etc.

B. Office Assistant

We also need help with a variety of administrative tasks including reception duties, data entry, errands, computer programming, filing, compiling records, etc.

  • Help to organize files

  • Computer skills - set up computer programs on office computers

  • Data entry - input data onto computer programs - shelter data, accounting data, or forms and spreadsheets

  • Help stuff envelopes and prepare mailings

  • Investigate animal-related resources in various areas to expand our information and referral base (e.g., vets, dog trainers, wildlife rehab

C. Veterinary Assistant

The Metro Action Clinic offers technical training and experience for those interested in future veterinary or other animal-related careers.

A. Special Projects

The Alliance for Animals receives no public funding. All of our programs rely solely on voluntary individual contributions. We need to increase our fundraising capabilities in order to fund our rescue and shelter program, and to expand our spay/neuter program. We would like to put on a series of small fundraising events throughout the year to benefit these programs, including raffles, yardsales, walk-a-thons, car washes, etc. We need people to coordinate and oversee, or participate in committees to plan and carry out such events. Individuals may choose to work on one or more each year, depending on interests and time availability.

B. Writers / Designers / Artists

An important component of the Alliance for Animals' programming is humane education. We produce a variety of educational pamphlets and brochures, as well as our quarterly newsletter, ALLY. In addition, as described in the foregoing section, we need to expand our fundraising, public relations, and development capabilities. We need volunteers to assist in writing or researching articles for our newsletter, preparing brochures on specific topics, or creating flyers, posters, etc. We also need designers and artists to assist with layout and design of brochures, flyers, advertisements, signs, etc.

C. Promotion / Publicity
  • Place weekly or monthly ads for shelter cats in local papers

  • Place AfA newsletters or spay/neuter info in local stores

  • Talk to school groups about the responsibilities of pet ownership

  • Help staff community outreach tables at shows, fairs, public areas

  • Assist our Director of Media Relations with media campaigns

D. Fundraising
  • Place and monitor donation cans in local stores

  • Assist in distributing flyers and coupons for StarShare program

  • Host an event such as a yardsale or meeting or help us to locate free or very low-cost locations for such events

  • Assist our Director of Development with specific projects

  • Donate crafts or other items for sale or raffle

E. Shelter / Clinic Help
  • Take pictures of AfA shelter animals for newsletter, posters, etc.

  • Provide temporary foster care for a cat or dog in need

  • Make afghans, toys, or other items for cats or dogs

F. Transportation
  • Provide transportation for a cat or dog to and from the vet or help bring animals to and from the shelter

  • Help pick up items for yardsales and other special events

  • Help trap feral cats and provide transportation to the Clinic

G. Foster Care for cats or dogs
  • Foster homes are urgently needed to provide a home environment for cats and/or dogs while waiting for their forever home, rather than a Shelter environment. Those with special needs - e.g. nursing mothers and kittens, shy animals, cats who prefer not to be around other cats, benefit most in a home environment.

H. Skills and Talents
  • Help make posters, yard sale signs, flyers, etc

  • Translators - help find people to translate our educational and promotional materials into other languages, such as Spanish,Vietnamese, French Creole, etc.

  • Help bake or prepare foods for special events

I. Communications
  • Mail - help with incoming mail, membership renewals, or new members

  • Help set up a telephone chain for special events

  • Become an AfA member and spread the word to friends and co-workers about our efforts

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